Easter in Portugal: Family & Tradition

Learn about Easter traditions in Portugal while you spend your holiday in the Algarve. Book now at Belmar Resort for the 2022 Easter holidays.

Easter in Portugal is a time for family, togetherness, and delicious cuisine. Several religious traditions are practised in each country region during this time of year. Discover what activities you can expect during the long-awaited Easter holidays in 2022, and finally, discover some differences between the country's regions.

Photo by Karolina Bobek – Unsplash

After two years of Easter being interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic, the time has come to bring back the traditions and enjoy a few days of rest in our Algarve.
Those who come to the Algarve at this time of year take their first walks on the beach, sunbathe and the more adventurous take advantage of the good weather and take the first dip to initiate the swimming season. Do you know what else you can do in the Algarve during the Easter holidays? We give you some tips for activities to enjoy during the next few days of your holiday.

Easter cultural activities

Cultural activities are a terrific way for families to spend their Easter holidays. The municipalities have chosen to restart cultural events after a two-year hiatus. Many cultural activities take place in Lagos and neighbouring cities over the Easter holidays. We've compiled a list of activities to visit with your family that are only a few minutes distance from Belmar Resort.

Musical events:
1.our first proposal is music, a concert of Portuguese easy listening music by the Lagos Light Music Orchestra at the Lagos Cultural Centre. Experience the greatest Portuguese hits in a new interpretation by the orchestra at the presentation of its album "Viagem pela Música Ligeira Portuguesa". This event will feature the winner of the Portimão Fado Competition, two outstanding singers and a pair of salsa and tango dancers.
Date: 15 April, 9.30 pm;
Location: The Centro Cultural de Lagos is only 9 minutes away from the Belmar Resort;
Tickets: 10 euros per adult and 8 euros per child.

2.The second musical moment to accompany your holiday takes place in the nearby town of Portimão. The Algarve Symphony Orchestra is a relatively young project, with its first concert taking place in October 2021. This orchestra will debut on the stages of this city with an Easter concert conducted by Maestro Armando Mota. Experience an eclectic concert with music from all parts of the world. Songs by Mexican composer Arturo Márquez and the French composer Georges Bizet will be heard at this Saturday evening event.
Date: 16 April, 7:00 pm;
Location: Tempo - Municipal Theatre of Portimão is only 30 minutes away from the Belmar Resort;
Tickets: 15 euros per person.

Photo by Manuel Nageli – Unsplash

Comedy events:

3.Laugh is the verb that we want you to conjugate over and over during your holidays. In this third suggestion for events in the Algarve at Easter 2022, we propose a theatre-circus show with the juggler Tosta-Mista, who takes the art of making people laugh and not letting objects fall out his hands very seriously. This event is suitable for all ages.
Date: 16 April, 6.30 pm;
Location: Barão de São Miguel, 17 minutes from Belmar Resort;
Tickets: reservations and more information by e-mail - maozorra.reservas@gmail.com

4.Bruno Nogueira's show "Deixem o Pimba em Paz", a mixture of music and pure comedy, has already toured various cities in Portugal. Now it's time for Lagos to welcome the musical deconstructions of the well-known "Pimba" (traditional Portuguese music) songs that liven up any party. With the participation of Clã's lead singer Manuela Azevedo and other musicians, the "Pimba" songs will be performed in a new jazz or pop arrangement.
Date: 16 April, 9.30 pm;
Location: Centro Cultural de Lagos, 9 minutes from the Belmar Resort;
Tickets: 12 euros per person and the usual discounts for children and the elderly.