Belmar Spa

Belmar Spa

Take time for yourself at Belmar Spa **

At Belmar Spa, you will find a wide array of spa treatments and rituals, designed to keep your wellbeing in mind. 

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, our exclusive couple’s suite is perfect for a shared pampering experience.

After treatments, relax in our "Suite Serena" before taking advantage of our free heated facilities which include a sauna, jacuzzi (seasonal opening), hydrotherapy pool (seasonal opening), Turkish bath and experience showers, adjoining the indoor heated pool **.

The access for children under 16 is limited and can only happen when accompanied by an adult at all times. 



Please note that due to the impossibility of complying with the current rules of social distancing, the following services are not available:

- Sauna, Turkish bath, hydrotherapy pool, chromotherapy and sensation showers.


Hydrotherapy and pools

Pools and Hydrotherapy

The power of water is almost unlimited and has been used for health proposes for centuries. Hydrotherapy is an example of this because it uses water's physical and chemical properties to treat several health issues. After your treatment at Belmar Spa, enjoy our hydrotherapy pool (seasonal opening), jacuzzi and indoor heated pool. **

** INFORMATION: We are committed to improving your experience in our SPA. The Belmar Resort SPA is under renovation until 31st March. The indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, and showers will be closed. Thank you for your understanding. 


Treatments and rituals

If you are looking to relax and take care of yourself, at Belmar Spa we have everything carefully well thought out. From facials to Aromasoul, deep tissue or hot stone massages, to treatments especially designed for men, pregnant women or athletes, find out below everything that our Spa has to offer, thinking of you and your wellbeing. 

Aromasoul Back Massage 
De-stress massage
A soothing back, neck and shoulder massage targeting areas of stress and tension.
30 min | €50

Aromasoul Head, Neck & Back 
Therapy Energising massage
Revitalising body polish gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin and improves circulation, followed by a relaxing massage.
45 min | €65

Aromasoul Ritual Massage 
World massage – Oriental, Indian, Arab and Mediterranean
A contemporary interpretation of aromatherapy based on the use of essential oils. It is ideal for times of great stress and fatigue.
60 min | €85

Deep Tissue Massage
Ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this deep tissue massage of rhythmic pressures and deep strokes. Soothes aches, pains and joint inflammation.
60min | €85

Tranquility Ritual 
Bamboo canes of different sizes are used to eliminate stress and tension of the muscles, generate physical and mental relaxation, unlock the chakras and harmonize body energy.
Also helps delineate and tone the body, reactivate the circulation, detoxify and drain the lymphatic system fight cellulite.  
60 min | €95

Hot Stones Massage 
Detoxifying hot stones massage
A therapeutic heat treatment using warm Basalt stones to melt away tension. Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body for maximum relaxation.
60 min | €95

Therapeutic Session
Ideal for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, using manual therapies such as myofascial release, muscle activation and deep transverse massage.  

Sports Massage (on request) 
Pressure-point massage
Deep massage techniques are used to relieve muscular tension, ease aches and pains and improve flexibility. Ideal as a post work-out treatment.
60 min | €85

Wellbeing Massage for Pregnancy 
Nurturing massage techniques help to ease tension, fatigue & soothe the mind whilst the nourishing properties of oils help condition the skin.
Face & Body: 75min | €100
Full Body: 60min | €85
Back: 30min | €50

Body Strategist 
Remodeller Double action anti-cellulite treatment
An intensive treatment specifically designed to fight cellulite. The thermogenic action stimulates microcirculation and helps the absorption of the active ingredients.
60 min | €85

Body Strategist Mud Therapy 
Balancing and detoxifying treatment
This treatment will accelerate the body metabolism detoxification and purification as well as an effective slimming action.
60 min | €85

Tranquility Ritual
Aromatic wellbeing ritual for the face and body.
This treatment helps eliminate stress and tension whilst it hydrates and tones the skin. Deeply relaxing for mind & body.
80 min | €120 

Belmar Signature Ritual 
Our spa signature treatment includes a skin regenerat-ing exfoliation followed by full body massage to ease muscular aches and pains and a prescription facial to suit your individual needs for complete mind body and soul rejuvenation. 
110 min | €160 

Sublime Skin 
Anti-ageing lifting treatment. 
Improves the appearance of expression lines and restores skin tone and radiance to the face.
60 min | €90

Active Pureness 
Purifying and rebalancing treatment. 
Deep cleanses leaving the skin luminous, fresh and toned. Ideal for both oily/impure skins & those more delicate.
60 min | €80

Recover Touch 
Anti-oxidant vitamin treatment. 
Neutralises free radicals and nourishes the tissues whilst calming and moisturising. Refreshes the skin.
50 min | €70

Deep hydrating treatment. 
A deeply hydrating treatment for the face, neck and décolletté. Restores tone and luminosity to the skin and balances the hydro-lipid system of the epidermis which contributes to prolonging youthful skin.
50 min | €70

Essential Hand Therapy 
An intensive hand treatment including a fragrant hand bath, gentle exfoliation, hydrating hand mask with hot compresses and therapeutic hand and arm massage.
60 min including full manicure, file & polish | €45

Essential Foot Therapy 
Intensive foot treatment.
This treatment includes a fragrant foot bath, invigorating exfoliation, healing foot mask with hot compresses, nourishing lower leg foot massage.
60 min includes complete pedicure | €50

Hand File & Polish 30 min | €20
Toe File & Polish 30 min | €20

Aromasoul Vulcanic Ritual Scrub 
Skin regenerator exfoliation. 
The particles used in this scrub originate from Sicilian volcanoes and give deep nourishment to your skin.
50 min | €70

A soothing water massage.
Using seven powerful shower jets, warm water gently eases aching muscles, firms and tones the skin and aids lymphatic drainage.
Vichy Massage 20 min | €45
Vichy Exfoliation 30 min | €60

Hydra Performance Facial
Deeply hydrating treatment.
Active treatment for dry and dehydrated skin caused by biological and environmental stress, frequent flying, exposure to sun and extreme weather conditions.
50 min | €70

Pure Performance Facial
Purifying treatment.
Removes impurities, balances excess sebum & leaves skin visibly clearer
60 min | €80

Men’s Pedicure
Take a step in the right direction.
A tailored foot treatment especially designed for men. Includes toe file, hard skin removal and invigorating exfoliation as well as a heavenly foot massage.
45 mins | €35

Indoor pool and hydrotherapy
Indoor pool and hydrotherapy
Indoor pool and hydrotherapy
Indoor pool and hydrotherapy
Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy
Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy
Treatment Suite
Treatment Suite
Couples Suite
Couples Suite
Suite Serena
Suite Serena
Spa entrance
Spa entrance
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