7 Reasons to Visit Portugal in 2023

Travelling to Portugal in 2023 will be the best decision of the year. Discover the 7 reasons why you should book your holiday right now.

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Why should you visit Portugal in 2023?

1.                  Small but distinct country

2.                  The Portuguese are excellent hosts

3.                  Great Portuguese cuisine

4.                  Portuguese wines

5.                  Music and culture

6.                  Surf and other sports

7.                  Affordable Holidays




Portugal was named the "Best Tourist Destination in Europe" for the fifth time in six years in October 2022. The Algarve was named "Best Beach Destination in Europe" at the gala of the European edition of the World Travel Awards 2022. There are numerous reasons to visit Portugal in 2023, and we have compiled a list of some of them. Get to know the country from end to end, missing nothing of the best that Portugal offers.


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1.    Small but distinct country

Portugal is a small country with diverse traditions, customs and landscapes. The length of National Road No. 2 from Faro (in the south of Portugal) to Chaves (in the north of the country) is 739 kilometres of pure adventure.

The journey from the south to the north of Portugal is characterised by different landscapes such as fine sandy beaches, agricultural areas full of sunflowers or hundred-year-old olive trees, mountains with breathtaking views and world-famous vineyards. Besides these continental regions, the islands of Madeira and Azores serve as our piece of paradise on earth.


2.    The Portuguese are excellent hosts

We do not say it about ourselves, but visitors tell us that the Portuguese are friendly people who like to help others and always have a smile on their faces. Foreigners who have moved here consider Portugal their home and would not trade it for anything.

To facilitate interaction, the Portuguese are generally fluent in English, so it is not necessary to learn the language of Camões before arriving; however, if you would like to learn some expressions, ask in hotels, cafés or other establishments. The Portuguese will respond with a smile if you try to learn their language.


3.                Great Portuguese cuisine

Portuguese cuisine is also very diverse. Anyone who has tasted it in any region will remember certain flavours. The key is simplicity, and highlighting the flavours of each ingredient is science. If you are planning a trip to Portugal in 2023, be sure to try the fresh fish and seafood from the Algarve and the açordas and migas from the Alentejo bread. Also indulge in the cheese from the Serra da Estrela or the huge francesinha in Porto. We recommend the regional sweets of each region. You will see that they are heaven on earth.


4.                Portuguese wines

Some wines deserve applause, and we believe that Portuguese wines deserve a standing ovation. Like the country's landscapes, the wines vary greatly from region to region, but they all stand out for their excellent taste. From reds and whites to rosés and the ever-popular Portuguese port, there are wines for every occasion and palate, and at very reasonable prices.

Knowing at least one winery in Portugal is almost a must for anyone planning a trip to the country in 2023. If you want to start your journey through the south, visit the wineries of the Algarve.


Photo by Maria das Dores – Unsplash


5.                Music and Culture

Music is an important part of any country's identity, and in Portugal there is fado, a melancholic style of music born out of the conviviality of the people. At a concert of this musical style in one of Lisbon's traditional fado houses, a fado singer is accompanied by two or more Portuguese guitars. When you hear the words "silêncio que se vai cantar o fado", close your eyes and go on a journey through the mesmerising sounds of Portuguese music.

Another reason to visit Portugal in 2023 is to visit one of the country's museums. Our history, works by contemporary artists, and Portuguese monuments can all be found here.


6.                Surf and other sports

Surfers from all over the world visit Portugal in search of the best waves. There is something for everyone in Portuguese waters, from the beginner who wants to learn how to stand on a board to the experienced surfer who wants to venture into challenging waters. The Costa Vicentina in the Algarve attracts surfers all year round due to the tides and winds. In the centre of Portugal are the giant waves of Nazaré, where Garrett McNamara caused a sensation in 2011 by surfing a 23.77-metre wave.

Water sports are popular with visitors, but Portugal also offers golf, football, car racing, athletics and other outdoor sports.


7.                Affordable holidays

Although Portugal breaks visitor records every year, it remains one of Europe's most affordable destinations. Here you can have your daily meals in local restaurants without breaking the budget. You can go out at night, go to discos and take a taxi back to your hotel without worrying about the cost. Portugal is trendy but still one of the most accessible destinations with quality services, spaces and products. Not to mention that many activities are free and worth visiting.



Come with plenty of time to discover all the wonders this little country has to offer. Bring your appetite and good taste for our high-quality products, and be curious and adventurous. In 2023, visit Portugal, the pearl of Europe.

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