Beaches to enjoy

From the deserted beaches to the busiest ones, take your own route.

The beaches of the Western Algarve are surrounded by exuberant gold shades with secrets and history in every corner. From the deserted beaches to the busiest ones, take your route and discover the south of Portugal gem.

Porto Mós Beach
Beach 1 minute from Belmar Resort

We have one of the most beautiful beaches a few meters from the resort. Surrounded by big rocky walls and with a splendid sea, it has earned the blue flag for its natural quality and its facilities and access.

D. Ana Beach
Beach 5 minutes from Belmar Resort

D. Ana beach is one of the most popular for its natural beauty, for the rocks that reflect in the water and for the nautical activities. It is a beach that guarantees the environmental quality and safety for bathers being one more on the blue flag list.

Estudantes Beach
Beach 4 minutes from Belmar Resort

The Estudantes beach is already known for its suspension bridge between the land and a rock formation it is an indispensable photo attraction. This beach has a direct connection, through a tunnel to the nearby Batata beach.

Camilo Beach
Beach 5 minutes from Belmar Resort

It has a wide view of Lagos at the top of the staircase that gives access to the beach, as you walk down an area of fauna and flora typical of the Algarve. The beach has short sand, and a rock separates the beach in two, but with passage through the cave there.

Meia Praia Beach
Beach 12 minute from Belmar Resort

It is one of the beaches with the most extensive sand in the Algarve, has also been awarded the blue flag and is privileged by children and parents for having calm sea.

Ingrina Beach
Beach 32 minutes from Belmar Resort

If your holiday wish list includes a visit to secret beaches with stunning beauty, Ingrina beach is the one. The sand is not very extensive, but the transparent and calm sea compensates, as well as, the walks or cycling around.

Castelejo Beach
Beach 34 minutes from Belmar Resort

The wildest beauty beaches are in the Natural Park that begins in Vila do Bispo and extends to Sines. Castelejo beach is a must-see for families who love surfing and untouched landscapes.

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