Family Activities

The Algarve is a celebration of life, uniting families in surprising activities.

The Algarve is a celebration of life, uniting families in surprising activities. Find a privileged place that deserves to be revealed in its fullness in an embrace to virgin landscapes, charm parties and activities for all ages.

Fun Parks

The best adventure parks, knowledge and animal conservation are just a few kilometres from your resort. For any questions about buying tickets, please contact us.


The five continents are all in the Zoolagos, represented by the 140 cutest animals’ species ever. At the Zoo spend a spectacular day while learning about each species or diving in the artificial beach.


It is a magical place where children and adults have fun in the theme park and learn the value of animal life. Visit and have sensations never experienced before, in a park where the main concern is the fun and preservation of species and habitats.
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Slide & Splash

Are you addicted to the adrenaline? In the country's largest water park, you can slip through tunnels filled with lights or dark tunnels that take you on a crazy journey. The real adventure is in this park, indicated to amuse all age groups.
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Do a race between your family and friends on a 92-meter long slide. Relax in a wave pool, or discover your inner athlete in the semi-Olympic swimming pool. A day full of new adventures at Aqualand in Alcantarilha.
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The Atlantic Ocean bathes the Algarve however, a geographical particularity allows the waters to have ideal temperatures for the practice of snorkelling without the need to wear a thermal suit.

Five minutes from the resort is Camilo beach with distinct rock formations on land that produce curious shadows in the sea. Snorkelling is a suitable activity for the whole family, here, where the beach scenery seems to be taken out of a movie.

Dona Ana's beach is already recognized worldwide for its beauty and the awards received for its environmental quality and safety. The waters are crystal clear, essential for the visualization of the abundant marine life. It is 5 minutes away from Belmar Resort.

There are many beaches along the western coast of the Algarve that encourage snorkelling. The waters are calm, the temperatures mild, and the visibility is magnificent.


Give time to simplicity, observe the most beautiful sunset in the western Algarve. It is during the summer that the orange tones cover the sky and melt in the sea, during the winter the colour palette is in pink shades.

At Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos, have the sea under your feet, the sunset on the horizon and as far as the eye can see, the surrounding cities. With breathtaking views, the wooden walkways take you through the rocks to magical places. 5 minutes away from Belmar Resort.

On the Luz beach, the natural scenery amazes the visitors, and the fishing village typical architectural details tell the people story. Next to the black rock, of almost forgotten volcanic origin, spread the towel and observe the sunset phenomenon. 15 minutes away from Belmar Resort.

It is in Sagres, the reference point of those who chase the most beautiful sunsets on the planet. Before starting the short trip from Lagos to Sagres, it is essential to confirm the sunset hours. It is on the cliff beside the lighthouse that many people sit and watch the sun dive into the sea. Get ready for a collective round of applause as day turns into night. 30 minutes away from the Belmar Resort.

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