Follow the several suggestions that our partners offer.

Follow the several suggestions that our partners offer. By visiting Belmar Spa & Beach Resort, you will realise memorable experiences during your stay.
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Some of these experiences are outside the city, so in this case, we advise you to use a rental company.

Moto Rent
Rent a versatile vehicle that allows you to get to places where the car cannot. Travel by motorbike or bicycle and feel the mild breezes of the Algarve.

Car Rental
Don't be dependent on public transport or taxis, and go on the adventure on your own. Rent a car in one of our partner companies, and guarantee comfort in a car suitable for you and your family.

Scooter Rental
The scooter rental is excellent for holidays spent by two. Do not spend time in traffic and enjoy the best of the Algarve.

A local transfer service company ensures the mobility between the airport and the resort and vice versa.

Discover the ocean with our partners and marvel at the beauty of our coastline.

Bom Dia – Sealife
We have the advantage of having one of the friendliest marine species on our coast. They are the dolphins that the boats of Bom Dia - Sealife, visit every day on the deep sea. Go on a safari, enjoy our coastline and have a great connection with the dolphins.
The departures of this trip are from the Marina of Lagos.

In the Algarve holidays, you cannot miss a visit to the sea and the caves of our coast. BlueFleet presents several suggestions for boat trips or kayaking through the most beautiful caves in the western Algarve. Have a full day with sight for our sea.

Ophelia – Portitours
The rock formations of Benagil are already worldwide known. There are countless pictures taken in the cave, but seeing it live will always be indescribable. Aboard the modern Ophelia catamaran, get to know Algar Seco and enjoy a barbecue on the beach. Join your family or friends and meet one of the Algarve pearls.

Take a boat tour with Seafaris, the pioneers in the observation of the most famous mammal of the seas, in the Algarve. Hear the best stories about our coast and each rock formation. Sail with the experience of those who know.

Get the necessary courage and go on the Jet Boat of Discover and feel the thrill of walking at full speed. For 45 minutes experience the pure adrenaline rush and enjoy the famous beaches of Lagos.

Karma Yates
Enjoy the privacy of sailing aboard karma yacht. Have the pleasure to travel along the Algarve coast, enjoying a glass of wine or champagne. When the anchor dropped, approach the beaches with a SUP board or swim. Make your own itinerary.

Make your nautical sport of choice in the Algarve, choose the various options of destination.

SUP Tours
Learn to relax over crystal clear water and get the daily dose of vitamin D. Stand Up Paddle no requires previous practice, the adaptation will be quick, and if you have any questions, the monitors will be around to help you.
Bring the family together for a wonderful journey!

Follow a kayak trip along the most beautiful beaches of Lagos and end up in a snorkelling dive. The D. Ana and Camilo beaches, the caves of Ponta da Piedade and the Deserta beach for a well-deserved rest are some of the highlights of this trip.

Kayak Tours
One of the best ways to get around in Lagos is by sea. Knowing the natural architecture of our coastline is almost a duty. Make your trip with experienced monitors at Kayak Tours, and have fun getting to know the magnificent caves.

Lagos Surf Safari
More than a sport, it is a lifestyle that finds harmony with the sea. Lagos Surf Safari has extensive experience and knowledge of the best surf spots in the South West Algarve. On the Costa Vicentina, you will find several surf spots suitable for beginners and others for long term practitioners.
Connect with the sea in a unique way!

Blue Ocean Divers
Make your first dive in the swimming pool, and only then, watch an underwater show in the ocean. With PADI standards, you can dive anywhere in the world. Proper for adults and children from 8 years of age.

Connect with the region, get to know the corners, its people and traditions by land.

Take a horse ride in the countryside with a picnic among the pine trees and breath-taking views. The monitors accompanied Tiffany's rides with the knowledge of the fauna and flora, and above all, they know the horses like nobody else. Children from 4 to 12 years old can have the experience of riding a friendly pony.

Know the best of the Algarve by land! From gastronomy to the best wines, from the East Algarve to the West Algarve, feel the region like never before. Experience a safari filled with beautiful sunsets in the wildest areas of the Costa Vicentina. Go for the adventure!

Sagres Discovery
Sagres Discovery's tours are for those who love the non-touristic places. For those who like adventure off-road and especially for those who like nature. The trip can last a full day or only half a day, depending on the destination chosen. Visit Sagres or the Monchique mountains in a 4x4 jeep.

Follow Me Tours
Why not start on a journey within your holiday? Make the best discoveries within the country with the Lisbon tours or take a jump to the neighbouring country and be enchanted by Gibraltar. Taste the best wines of the Algarve region, or feel the Portuguese soul through Fado. Take a chance on a bus trip with boarding at your resort.

Do you like the adrenaline of the wind or the sea waves? Surpass yourself with the experiences of our partners.

You cannot pass up the opportunity to fish in a place where the North Atlantic currents cross. In a boat with a capacity of eight people and all the amenities to make the fishing day great.

Blue Shark
Blue Shark offers two boats equipped and prepared to spend the best fishing moments. There are five types of fishing that can vary between Lagos and Sagres, depending on the fish area.
Groups of 6 or 12 are welcome on the two boats.

A jump of adrenaline and freedom over turquoise blue landscapes!
Get ready to get addicted to this adventure sport and undeniable pleasure. In the parachute jump, you will be able to remember everything through a video recorded during the experience, and you will have the accompaniment of specialized instructors.

Balloon flights
Fly at wind speed on an unforgettable balloon trip through the western Algarve valleys. Gather a group of 8 to 10 people and discover the region in a 3- or 5-hours excursion. This is an experience that should be lived in the blue skies over the Algarve sea.

Do speeds accelerate your adrenaline rush? At the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve make the competition of your life. Take part in races on the Karts track, the main track of the Autodrome or the Off-Road track with various experiences adjusted to the profile of each participant.

Give the children moments of fun with our partners, the kids will love it.

The children have fun while their parents relax on their holidays. The babysitting service is suitable for all ages and includes lots of entertainment for the younger ones.

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