5 Reasons to Visit a Spa

In an ever-changing world, reconnect with a one-of-a-kind spa experience!

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You enjoy travelling, and one of your goals is to learn about different places and people, but more importantly, do you want to recharge your batteries? After two exhausting years of continually changing routines and being engulfed by a global pandemic, all we need are stimulants for our bodily and emotional well-being.
Health and wellness tourism is a great option, but do you know the benefits of this age-old concept? Learn all about spas and the treatments offered at Belmar Spa & Beach Resort.

Thousands of years of well-being
Spas, contrary to popular belief, are not a new concept. In reality, they have been present for thousands of years to maintain body-mind balance. Even though it goes by several names, the notion has expanded across the world. The essence of these places has always been relaxation and health.
Spa, the name we know today, could be an acronym for "Salus Per Aqua", a Latin expression meaning - health through water. When the Greeks found that hot spring water indicated health and relief from pain or illness, they thought the same thing. The spas quickly evolved into places of conviviality and worship, with infrastructure capable of accommodating hundreds of people. The baths were not only places for health and well-being, but they also set the tone for city social life.
When the Romans conquered Europe, they brought knowledge of the benefits of thermal baths with them and began to create ever-larger facilities across the continent. These facilities, dedicated not only to health but also to conviviality, were reproduced all over the world, including Africa and England. The doctors recommended thermal cures to prolong the life of patients. Even then, the Romans followed a thermal circuit that led through the changing room and then into the exercise room. After prepping their bodies, they began the cycle in a lukewarm bath, followed by a heating room with dry and hot air. Finally, they went into the hot baths, where there were also massages with scrubs and appropriate oils. The thermal cycle was only completed after a cold-water bath and a visit to the sauna.
Spas are common in today's society and are an integral feature of resort holidays. Treatments are becoming increasingly personalised, with the primary goal of improving the guests' well-being in these facilities.

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak - Unsplash (image of the ancient Roman baths in England)

Why should you visit a spa?
If you've never been to a spa, it's natural to question what the genuine benefits are, and why so many people enjoy these treatments. Discover some of the reasons why so many people return to the spa.

1.Escape from the hectic daily routine.
Spas, contrary to popular belief, are not only for cosmetic treatments. A spa is primarily a haven of peace and tranquillity to which you can retreat when you need it. Everyday living in the city can be quite hectic, causing you to amass a great deal of stress. Stress and anxiety have been hot themes in the previous two years, and there are a variety of concerns regarding people's behaviour in the face of the pandemic. Spas can reduce stress levels not just through their treatments, but also through the quiet environment that these establishments provide. Find moments dedicated to you, full of peace and serenity, right here.

2.A special time for you
Taking time for yourself and looking after yourself, both visually and in terms of health and well-being, builds self-esteem. Booking massages or beauty treatments are useful deeds that you can and should undertake on a regular basis. You become happy and have less stress when you take care of yourself.

3.Therapeutic benefit
In a spa, you can find a variety of therapeutic therapies. We demonstrate here that the spa has much more to offer than just beauty treatments. Lymphatic drainage aids in the treatment of oedema, the recovery of injuries, the improvement of blood circulation, the oxygenation of tissues, and even the treatment of cellulite. Our bodies naturally accumulate fluids, which we cannot modify, but we can reduce. We notice this when a section of our body swells, such as our feet, hands, or abdomen. The spa is also a great addition to other medical procedures. All you need to do is inform a therapist about your issue, and they will show you how to solve it.
Apart from lymphatic drainage, there are other benefits of spas. The sauna, Turkish bath or bathtub may seem like mere relaxation devices, but you should know that they offer many therapeutic benefits when used properly.

4.Aesthetic benefits
There is nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty to increase your self-esteem. In addition to aesthetics, some procedures improve the health of your skin. These treatments are available at spas, and experienced therapists will advise you on the best course of action. Note that these treatments are suitable for men and women of adult age. Manicures and pedicures, depilation, and different facials are examples of aesthetic treatments.

5.Benefits of Relaxation
Relaxation is taken very seriously in a spa. Every detail is taken into consideration to make you feel comfortable and rest. Everything, from the music to the scents, has been meticulously prepared to provide you with moments of absolute relaxation, providing you with new energy for the hectic days of everyday life.
Relaxing massages are one of the most requested services at the spa. These massages combine the therapist's hands movements on the body and head to relieve muscular tension. They can also be used in conjunction with aromatherapy, a natural technique that uses essential oils and their aromas. Each oil can be used to treat a variety of issues, including anxiety, fatigue, and breathing difficulties.

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Learn about the Belmar Spa's therapies

Facial Treatments
Belmar Spa's facials range from a simple face cleanse to a deep hydrating treatment. All treatments last 50 to 60 minutes on average.

Sublime Skin - Get revitalised skin with softened expression wrinkles and restored facial brightness. This anti-wrinkle therapy eliminates drooping skin on the face and neck. Excellent therapy for early wrinkles as well as more severe lines. 60-minute runtime.

Active Pureness - Purify the skin with a deep cleansing treatment that leaves it glowing and balanced. This treatment is appropriate for oily, sensitive, and reactive skin. 60-minute runtime.

Recover Touch - This is a vitamin antioxidant treatment. It fights free radicals, which are the main cause of premature skin ageing caused by stress, cigarettes, or UV rays. It moisturises and nourishes the skin while replenishing the face tissues. 50-minute runtime.

Hydramemory - The key to healthy, beautiful skin is hydration. This treatment restores brightness and firmness to the skin of the face, neck, and cleavage by deeply hydrating it. With this 50-minute treatment, you can give your skin a youthful start.

Hydra Performance Facial for Men - The Hydra Performance Facial for Men gives dehydrated skin a fresh radiance. Combat tiredness, caused by biological stress, frequent flights, or prolonged sun exposure. 50-minute runtime.

Pure Performance Facial for Men - Remove pollutants and excess oil from your skin with this treatment for men. After 60 minutes of treatment, your skin will be visibly purer.

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Localised or full-body massages can be performed for relaxation or therapeutic purposes. Massages last on average between 30 and 90 minutes.

Aromasoul Back Massage - This local massage focuses on the back and shoulders to restore energy and relieve tension. The exercises are paired with an aromatherapy approach that employs essential oils. This local massage will last 30 minutes.

Aromasoul Head, Neck, and Back Therapy - An energising massage of the head, neck, and back. Mild exfoliation is used, to alleviate muscular tension and purify the scalp. This massage is 45 minutes long.

Aromasoul Ritual Massage - You will receive a massage from around the world in a pleasant environment. The goal of this massage, which is inspired by Oriental, Indian, Arabic, and Mediterranean philosophy, is to achieve the total body and mental equilibrium. The essential oils used in this massage work to relieve stress and weariness. This massage lasts around 60 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage - As the name suggests, this massage uses deep pressure and rhythmic movements. It is suitable for relieving pain, joint inflammation and muscle tension. It lasts 60 minutes.

Sports Massage - This massage is ideal for before and after physical training and consists of deep pressure. It relieves muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. This massage should be booked in advance at the Belmar Spa and lasts 60 minutes.

Hot Stones Massage - A hot stone massage can drain and purify the body. This massage is unique in that it is both therapeutic and induces profound emotions of relaxation. By placing the heated basalt stones on the essential areas of the body, stress is released. In a thorough massage, the heated essential oils calm the body. This 60-minute hot stone massage lasts.

Ayurvedic Deep Touch - A massage that combines Ayurvedic medicine, the world's oldest known healing method. This deep pressure massage is ideal for relieving stress and relaxing. The massage will take 50 minutes for half of the body and 90 minutes for the entire body.

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The care of our mind also includes the care of our body through aesthetic treatments. Self-confidence and self-esteem show every time you choose to pamper yourself. Aesthetic treatments at Belmar Spa last 60 minutes.

Essential Hand Therapy - Hand Therapy is essential because the hands are the limbs that suffer the most from external adversities such as pollution or UV rays. As a result, Belmar Spa provides a 60-minute full treatment that includes a manicure, aromatherapy bath, warm compresses with essential oils, exfoliation, hand mask, and nourishing hand and arm massage.

Essential Foot Therapy - The feet, like the hands, require a lot of attention. Because they are closed, they are one of the most strained limbs in daily life. A complete pedicure, scented bath, warm compresses with essential oils, exfoliation, a renewing foot mask, and finally a nourishing massage from calves to feet will provide them with a delightful experience. This 60-minute foot treatment is one of a kind.

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Turkish bath, sauna, and Vichy shower
They are soothing and aid in relaxation. Decrease blood pressure, relax muscles, eliminate toxins, and cleanse the skin when used regularly. And it's all done with little effort or physical exertion.
When using the Turkish bath for the first time, you should not stay in the cabin for more than 15 minutes. When you get out, take a cold or lukewarm bath before returning to the cabin for another 15 minutes. Always keep in mind that the steam bath consists of a steam-filled cabin, therefore you should always see your doctor before using this type of equipment.
The sauna takes place in an enclosed cabin where the atmosphere is dry and hot, and temperatures can be high. The aim is for the body to sweat and the blood vessels to dilate, thus increasing blood circulation and regenerating the tissues naturally. The sauna is ideal for people with psoriasis or acne-prone skin. You should always consult your doctor before using this equipment.
The Vichy shower, also called a rain shower, has several showers with pressure from which hot water flows out. This shower promotes deep relaxation, releases muscular tension, relieves stress, reduces cellulite and even stimulates skin elasticity. It is a rewarding moment that you can experience in our spa.

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Belmar Spa & Beach Resort provides guests with an exciting experience both within and outside the resort. This package includes physical and emotional well-being, and you can find all the peace you need in our spa and exercise area. Let yourself be carried away by a feeling of serenity by the beach.
*You may rest confident that all of our treatments meet DGS requirements. Learn more about our menu and book your treatments by calling +351 282 771 801 or emailing [email protected].

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