5 Reasons to Visit a Spa

In a busy world, the well-being of body and mind is increasingly necessary. Immerse yourself in a unique spa experience!

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Do you enjoy travelling and finding moments of well-being in new places? Holidays are opportunities to renew and regain energy lost during long workdays. Stress and fatigue often result from the fast pace of modern life and are our body's response to high-pressure situations, manifesting in physical, mental, or emotional sensations. Fatigue can also be caused by lack of sleep, overwork, and other factors.

Regularly attending a spa can help alleviate these issues and recharge your batteries. Explore all the benefits of spa treatments and learn more about the well-being therapies offered at Belmar Spa & Beach Resort.

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Thousands of years of well-being


Contrary to what one might think, spas are not a recent concept. They have existed for thousands of years to promote balance between the body and mind. Although they have had different names worldwide, the essence of these places has always been relaxation and health promotion.

Spa, the term we use today, may be an abbreviation of Salus Per Aqua, a Latin expression meaning — health through water. The Greeks believed that the hot water from the springs brought health and relief for pains and ailments. Quickly, the baths became places of gathering and worship, with structures to accommodate hundreds of people. In addition to promoting health and well-being, the baths were the centre of social life in the cities.

When the Romans conquered Europe, they brought the knowledge of the benefits of thermal baths and began constructing increasingly larger spaces across the continent. These places, dedicated to health and socializing, were replicated everywhere, extending as far as Africa and England. Doctors of the time recommended thermal therapy to prolong patients' lives. Back then, the Romans followed a thermal circuit that included a changing room followed by a warming exercise room. They commenced the circuit after preparing the body, moving through a room with lukewarm baths and then to the furnace room, where the air was hot and dry. Finally, they moved to the hot baths to enjoy massage sessions with exfoliation and appropriate oils. The thermal circuit only ended after a plunge into cold water and a visit to the sauna.

Nowadays, spas are ubiquitous and integral to resort stays, like at Belmar Spa & Beach Resort. Treatments are increasingly tailored, with the well-being of guests as the top priority.

What are the benefits of spa treatments?

If you've never tried a spa treatment before, it's natural to doubt the real benefits and why so many people indulge in these treatments. Discover the benefits and reasons why so many people frequently visit the spa.


1.    Escape from hectic days

Contrary to popular belief, spas are not limited to offering cosmetic treatments. A spa is essentially a haven of well-being and tranquillity that people turn to when they need to relax. The routine in a city can be exhausting, leading to increased stress levels. Spas can help reduce stress, not only through the treatments offered but also through the calm environment they provide. Here, you will find moments dedicated to yourself, filled with peace and serenity.


2.    A moment just for you

Self-esteem is nurtured when you set aside time for self-care, aesthetics, health and well-being. This is a rewarding gesture that you can and should do regularly by scheduling massages or cosmetic treatments. Taking care of yourself will bring more happiness and less stress. Moreover, by attending a spa, you can also benefit from feeling deep relaxation and revitalizing the body and mind.


3.    Therapeutic benefits

There are many treatments available at a spa. This is where we reveal that a spa offers more than just cosmetic treatments. Lymphatic drainage, for example, helps combat swelling, recover from injuries, improve blood circulation, oxygenate tissues, and even reduce cellulite. Our body naturally retains fluids, and while we can't change that fact, we can relieve it with the right treatments. Spas are an excellent complement to medical treatments; discuss your health issues with your doctor and spa therapist for effective monitoring.

In addition to lymphatic drainage, there are other benefits to spa visits. The sauna, steam bath, and hydrotherapy areas may seem like pure relaxation equipment, but they offer many therapeutic benefits when used correctly.


4.    Aesthetic benefits

Enhancing your beauty is boosting your self-esteem, and there's nothing wrong with that. There are procedures that not only improve aesthetics but also promote skin health. Spas offers these treatments with professional therapists who guide you on the best path. It's important to know that treatments are for both men and women. Among the aesthetic treatments are manicures, pedicures and various facial treatments.


5.    Relaxation benefits

In a spa, relaxation is taken seriously. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure your comfort and rest. From the music to the scents, everything is meticulously planned to provide moments of pure relaxation and to recharge your energy for the hectic days of everyday life.

Relaxation massages are one of the most sought-after treatments in spas. These massages involve therapists' hands moving across the body and head, easing muscle tension. They can also be complemented with aromatherapy, a natural technique that uses essential oils and their specific scents. Each oil has properties that can help many issues, such as anxiety, fatigue, respiratory problems, etc.