The best walking trails in the Algarve

Discover the best trails and footpaths near your resort and take the first step in nature discoveries.

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Discover the best hiking trails near your resort and take the first step in the nature discoveries.

Walking through nature is the simplest way of exercising the body and allows a deep understanding of what surrounds us. The Algarve is rich in diversified fauna and flora. As you get closer to the sea, the landscape changes and the colours and shapes create new scenarios. Enjoy these and other benefits of walking in nature near the Belmar Resort with the tips and walking trails that we suggest in this article.

Engage with nature and take advantage of a practical and easy exercise.

Walking is something simple to do even inside our homes, but we must know some rules so that the exercise is effective.

What is the correct way to go for a hike? Walking is a simple, low-cost sport which can be practised anywhere. Like any other sport, it must also follow a set of rules so that it is beneficial to your health and doesn't bring problems such as back pain or joint pain.

  • Correct posture while walking is the key to preventing unwanted back pain from appearing. Do you know how to maintain an accurate posture while walking? The abdomen area, when contracted, the spine assumes its natural curve, and the body corresponds to the correct, upright posture so that the back isn't overstrained. Apply this tip while you are doing your daily walk, but you should also do it at any time of the day.

  • Another posture you should adopt is to look straight ahead when walking as if you had to reach an object 20 metres away with your eyes. This simple trick keeps the unwanted cervical pain away and consequently forces the spine to stay upright. You'll see soon become a habit and will only bring advantages in terms of posture correctness.

  • The arms position influences your balance, so they should be extended downwards and accompany each step you take. When walking, stability is also crucial for good body posture.

  • The feet are the limbs where the most support and pressure are applied with each step. Footwear should be ergonomic, and feet should always point forward to avoid pain in the knees or spine.

  • When you start a hike, you must bear in mind that the same path you have taken will probably be taken back again. If you are a beginner in this sport, don't exceed your limits and be realistic. Over time you will be able to achieve more kilometres a day and at a faster pace.

  • If the clothing isn't light, breathable or waterproof, it will affect the walk quality. On sunny days, opt for light-coloured breathable clothing and on rainy days, choose waterproof clothing. Footwear is a significant element, as already mentioned. It should be adapted to the foot size and also to the ground you are walking. On plains, it is advisable to wear shoes that give freedom of movement, but if you walk in steeper areas, the shoes should have more support in the ankle area. For less than three hours walk, it is enough to have to cushion in the heel area, if you go for longer than that, wear shoes with integral cushioning.

What should you do before walking? It is common knowledge that before doing any sport, we should stretch and pay special attention to the most used body members in that sport. So, do you know what stretching exercises you should do before you start walking? Here are some suggestions for stretching exercises:

Exercise 1 - bring your leg close to your chest for 20 seconds and repeat the same with the other leg. When you finish, bring your leg behind and bring both knees together so that you can balance, also do this exercise for 20 seconds on each leg.

Exercise 2 - spread your legs apart, bend your body forward and touch the floor or your feet with your hands without forcing your body too much in this position. Stay like this for 20 seconds.

Exercise 3 - keep your legs as far apart as you are from each shoulder. Stretch out your arms and bring each one to your ankle without lifting the opposite foot off the floor. Stay like this for 20 seconds, alternating your arms and breathing deeply with each movement. Finish the stretching exercises by warming up your ankles and knees, turning them slowly to avoid joint injuries.

What are the benefits of walking? Walking is excellent for all ages and even for those who have no skill in other sports. It can be practised in a group or alone while listening to music. Learn all the benefits of this sport:

  • By walking just forty minutes a day, your blood pressure reduces over the next 24 hours. The blood vessels expand because there is more blood flow, causing the pressure to decrease. Blood oxygenation also happens to a greater extent during walking, so the body extremities, such as arms and legs, receive oxygen efficiently.

  • Regular walking helps you breathe better! The lung is forced to receive more oxygen during physical exertion and as a consequence, releases impurities that are harmful to this organ.

  • Nights will be quieter, reducing insomnia, and consequently, anxiety levels will also disappear. Just thirty minutes a day dedicated to walking will remove the chance of depression.

  • Walking burns calories and regulates your appetite. If you walk for just thirty minutes you will lose around 180 to 230 calories depending on your metabolism and the speed of your step. These numbers can increase if you decide to walk at a faster pace. As walking decreases anxiety levels, the biggest appetite generator, the urge to eat outside mealtimes, will also decrease, regulating your appetite and giving you more motivation to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Another benefit of this sport is the conviviality between people who get together to practise it. Many groups get together at a regular time of day and walk a few kilometres every day. At the Belmar Resort, it will not be difficult to find other lovers of this sport, and if you prefer, start walking in a group along the trails along the Algarve coast.

The Algarve has incredible potential when it comes to nature tourism. Through the trails, we can add sports or pure discovery of the Algarve fauna and flora.

Follow our tips for walking trails in the Western Algarve with our suggestions:

Walking-Trail 1 - Set off to discover a trail that is mainly along the Lagos coast. The trail starts at Praia da Luz and ends at Forte Ponta da Bandeira. You will pass by the viewing point of Praia da Luz with a superb view over the beach, and then you will cross the most demanding part of this trail, the ascent of Rocha Negra. You will continue towards Porto Mós beach, where you start turning right towards the mythical Ponta da Piedade. When you reach this point of the trail, rest and take in the wonderful view of the rock formations. The cliffs at this point are unstable, so you should not go near the cliffs, particularly on windy days. Finish this trip bypassing the best-known Lagos beaches, such as Camilo and D. Ana beaches, until you reach the point where this trail ends.
Moderate level | 9,5 km (19 km round trip)
Access the map here

Walking-Trail 2 - This route also stretches along the Lagos coastline, along the beaches with breathtaking views. One of the highlights is the descent of the stairs to Canavial beach, for being also one of the most demanding points is not mandatory, and from the top of them, the view is also amazing. Continue to Ponta da Piedade, one of the most Lagos touristic points, where several boats depart during the high season. End this trail at the beautiful Camilo beach, observe the turquoise sea from the viewpoint and if you prefer, go down the steps and rest there until you return to the return route.
Easy level | 4 km (8 km, out and back)
Access the map here

Walking-Trail 3 - This walk takes place entirely in the parish of Alvor. Hike on the wooden walkways that encircle the Alvor estuary and extend along the beaches. While walking along these walkways, observe the birds that nest there, the dunes and the calm sea of this area. Along the way, you will find several shady wooden benches where you can rest, drink water and watch the wonderful natural reserve of the Alvor estuary.
Easy level | 6 km (12, out and back)
Access the map here

*maps from the blog Vagamundos.

The Belmar Spa & Beach Resort is in a privileged location, surrounded by nature and seascapes. Grab your backpack and wander the various possible routes of the western Algarve. Find the best of the Algarve on your next holiday!

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