The Best Hikes in Algarve

Do you like hiking? Then come and see the best walking trails in the Western Algarve

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Belmar has a privileged location, not only because it is close to the beach, but also because of the proximity of several trails to venture into the Algarve.

By land or along the Algarve's maritime coast, there are paths for lovers of outdoor activities. Take the opportunity to know the most beautiful landscapes and biodiversity that the region has to offer.

Canavial Beach and Ponta da Piedade Trail
Follow the route here.

Start your holiday by making a fast and easy trail, but with breathtaking views! Leave your resort in the morning to watch the colours of the start of the day and feel the sea breeze on your face.
Follow towards the viewpoint of Canavial Beach, where you will find a virgin beach with crystal clear waters. The access to the beach is not easy if you do not feel ready to go downstairs, just watch from the viewpoint, because it will be very worth it!
From the viewpoint of Canavial Beach, follow to the viewpoint of Ponta da Piedade, one of the favourite places for sea lovers. If you follow the advice of walking in the morning, go down the stairs and see the rock formations up close, without having a flood of tourists around.

Route: easy
Time: 1.10h round trip
Recommended Season: any time of year

Belmar - Atalaia Geodesic Landmark Trail
Follow the route here.

On this trail, we advise you to do it in the afternoon, one hour before sunset. After leaving the resort, continue along the Atalaia road and when you reach the last house, turn left onto the dirt track. You will be able to see the geodesic mark after a few metres. Enjoy the green view to the rear and in front, the blue sea where the sun will set. Rest and enjoy the moment!
Curiosity: geodesic landmarks were once the only national reference systems, created in 1790.

Course: medium
Time: 1.14h round trip
Recommended Season: any time of year

Rota Vicentina
First of all, know that there is a route called the Rota Vicentina with four hundred long kilometres that run through the most beautiful coastal areas in Portugal. This route connects the Algarve to the Alentejo, and there are two trails for walkers. One is the Historic Trail, and the other is the Fishermen's Trail which runs 226.5 km. To make your trip easier, we show you some of the stretches of the Fishermen's Trail so that your choice is the right one.

Fishermen's Trail Luz – Lagos
Start this trail here, 14 minutes’ drive from Belmar Resort.

In a village near Lagos, one of the fishermen's trails begins. This trail is an integral part of the Rota Vicentina, in this specific section, there is the connection of Luz to Lagos, passing through Ponta da Piedade. Only one of the thirteen stages of this trail is a coastal trail, which runs along the cliffs and promises wonderful sea views. It is not an easy trail, but it will be very worth knowing. Follow the route through the technical sheet.

Level of difficulty: average
Duration of the trip: 4 hours
Recommended Season: September to June

Fishermen's Trail Salema - Praia da Luz
Start this trail here, 20 minutes by car from Belmar Resort.

The Fishermen's Trail connects the village of Luz to Salema, with a 12km course. Just like the previous trail, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Algarve coast. You will also walk along Boca do Rio Beach where there are traces of a Roman village. Less than 2 km from Boca do Rio, at the bottom of the sea, remains of the ship L'Océan (French ship). Ship sunk during the Seven Years War by the English Navy, in 1759. Get the opportunity to know this piece of Portugal's history and enjoy the nature that surrounds it. Follow the route through the technical sheet.

Level of difficulty: difficult
Duration of the trip: 5 hours.
Recommended season: September to June

Sete Vales Suspensos Trail
Start this trail here, 35 minutes’ drive from Belmar Resort.

This footpath in the middle of nature in Lagoa city, was recognised in 2019 as the best in Europe. It extends along 5.7 km, between Vale de Centeanes beach and Marinha beach, this path has cliffs, only interrupted by water lines, thus originating the suspended valleys that give the name to the path.
This trail offers breathtaking landscapes along the coast and has a diversified fauna and flora. You can find juniper bushes, sea birds or even bats. Although it is located far from the resort, it is a trail that we strongly recommend a visit! See here the start and end coordinates of the route.

Level of difficulty: medium
Travelling time: 6 hours round trip
Recommended season: spring and autumn

Fonte Benémola Trail
Start this trail here, 1.10 minutes by car from Belmar Resort.

Rent a car and join the family on this route. The small trail has 4.5 km, with a circular route in the municipality of Loulé. Although the small size, it has an enormous variety of fauna and flora and its beauty is indescribable. On this trail, you will find the Fonte Menalva stream, several springs and the Benémola fountain. Being short and having a rich ecosystem (with frogs, terrapins, nightingales, bats, among others) it is perfect for walking with your family and who knows, making a picnic.

Level of difficulty: easy
Duration of the trip: 2 hours.
Recommended season: spring

The Algarve has the best beaches in the country, or we venture to say, the best in Europe. Besides the beaches, it has unknown paths full of landscapes with green nature. We invite you to walk at least one of these trails and tell us about your experience.

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