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Visiting Portugal will be the best choice for 2024. Discover the 7 reasons to book your holidays now at Belmar Spa & Beach Resort.

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Why should you visit Portugal in 2024?

1.      A country with a small size but great diversity

2.      Hospitality and Safety

3.      Excellent Gastronomy

4.      Portuguese Wines

5.      Culture and History

6.      Surfing and Activities

7.      Affordable Holidays


Portugal is a remarkable tourist destination that offers warm hospitality and a peaceful environment. In 2023, it achieved the prestigious "Best European Tourist Destination" title at the World Travel Awards. With its historic cities, stunning beaches, and delicious cuisine, the country offers a unique journey through the centuries.

This article marks the beginning of discovering the charms of Portugal and exploring its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture. Guests will be invited to fall in love with Portugal, where history blends with modernity, and every corner offers a new adventure waiting to be experienced.


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A country with a small size but great diversity


Portugal is a surprisingly diverse country with extensive landscapes, cultures, and experiences for visitors to explore. Each region possesses distinct characteristics, from the northern mountains to the southern sunny beaches. Furthermore, cultural diversity manifests in the traditions, cuisine, and celebrations of each region. With its rich history and many activities, Portugal enthrals a broad spectrum of travellers, providing something unique for every individual.


Hospitality and Safety

According to Condé Nast Traveller, Portugal held an excellent position in Google searches in 2023, being the fourth most searched country on this search engine. We are always ready to assist, offer advice, and share our traditions and culture with those who visit us. For us, welcoming others with friendliness and generosity is not just a gesture of courtesy, but an expression of our pride in showcasing the best of Portugal.

Not only in hospitality but also in safety, Portugal stands out being positively recognized internationally as one of the safest destinations in the world. It stands out as a destination where travellers can enjoy experiences and explore its historic cities, stunning landscapes, and popular attractions with tranquillity and confidence.


Excellent Gastronomy

Portuguese cuisine is also incredibly diverse. In each region, you'll find distinct flavours that linger in the memory of those who taste them. Simplicity is the key, and highlighting the flavours of each ingredient is an art. If your plans include visiting Portugal in 2024, you can't miss the taste of fresh fish and seafood from the Algarve or the "açordas" and "migas" made with Alentejo bread. Save room for the cheeses from Serra da Estrela or the massive "francesinha" from Porto. The desserts and sweets are also irresistible, so we advise seeking out the regional sweets of each area, like the "Doce Fino" from the Algarve.


Portuguese Wines

Portuguese wines, with their diverse grape varieties and unique terroirs, are a true gem. From the fresh "vinhos verde" (literally, green wine) of the North to the iconic Port wines, Portugal offers a variety of incomparable flavours and styles. From North to South, we have many wineries to visit and events, especially in the Algarve, promising a unique and unparalleled quality experience while immersing yourself in the rich wine culture and tradition of the country.


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Culture and History

A country brimming with history and tradition, Portugal offers visitors a cultural wealth that reflects its diversity. It is known for its craft practices, such as decorative tiles production and hand-embroidered fabrics, whose tradition is passed down from generation to generation, preserving the country's cultural identity. Fado, a form of emotional music, is one of Portugal's most emblematic musical expressions, with its deep roots in the streets of Lisbon and Coimbra. Furthermore, traditional Portuguese folk dances and songs are showcased in festivals and events held across the country, preserving age-old customs and practices. It's a place that offers a wealth of traditions, enriching the cultural experience of visitors by connecting past and present generations and providing an authentic immersion into Portugal's identity.


Surfing and Activities

Surfers from around the world find Portugal as the place for the best waves to surf. From beginners aiming to learn how to stand on a board to experienced surfers seeking adventure in challenging seas, there's room for everyone in Portugal's waters. In the Algarve, the Costa Vicentina attracts surfers as tides and winds provide waves all year round. In central Portugal, you can find the giant waves of the Nazaré Canyon, where Garrett McNamara made waves by surfing a 23.77-meter wave in 2011.

Water sports draw visitors, but Portugal also offers golf, football, motorsports, athletics, and numerous other outdoor activities due to its more than 300 days of sunshine.


Affordable Holidays

While Portugal breaks records every year with the number of visitors, it remains one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. Here, you can enjoy daily meals at local restaurants without spending much. You can go out at night, hit the clubs, and return to your hotel via public transport without being costly. Portugal remains trendy and is one of the most accessible destinations, never compromising the quality of services, spaces, and products. Additionally, plenty of free activities await, where you only have to enjoy the moments and the landscapes.


Take your time to discover the wonders that this small country holds. Be curious and adventurous, bring an appetite and good taste for our top-quality products. Come and visit Portugal in 2024, the pearl of Europe.

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