Lagos Nightlife

Find the Pubs of the Moment and Enjoy your Holiday on a Fun Night

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Have you booked your holiday at Belmar Spa & Beach Resort and don't know where you can have fun? In this article, we show you exactly which nightlife spots you can't miss.

The wonderful Lagos city has an active nightlife during the summer, curiously, the pubs are scattered around some of the city streets. You will not need to drive between each pub. We indicate the best pubs and their street.

Bon Vivant
From the name you can see that this is the right place for those who want to enjoy life. Open since 1987, in downtown Bon Vivant livens up the night of the Portuguese and tourists who pass by to the sound of Jazz. This bar is divided into different floors, with outdoor spaces and has a fun atmosphere, being one of those that close late. The creative bartenders make small flair shows while they prepare their drinks. A place to visit! Check the location here.

Mar D’Estórias Rooftop Terrace
In one of the most beautiful terraces in the Algarve, Mar D'Estórias is a relaxed place to have a drink at the beginning of the night. Enjoy the carefully studied cocktails made with national drinks. The atmosphere of this terrace-bar reflects all its concept in every drink or snack served. Are you a fan of gin? Ask for the menu and travel through each one's sensory attributes. See the location here.

Three Monkeys
In the same street of Mar D'Estórias, we find the bar Three Monkeys. During the day you can play pool, play darts and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. It's during the night that the Three Monkeys transforms, the volume of the music increases, and so does the movement of the dance. The bar is well known for its shots. See the location here.

Stevie Ray´s
Already on a different street, but also in the city centre is Stevie Ray's. It's a bar for live music lovers, come with a good cognac, port wine, whisky or exotic cocktails. If you arrive early, take the opportunity to have some appetizers or just listen to a mix from the DJ. This bar welcomes artists from all over the world, from Amsterdam to Mozambique, from Toronto to São Paulo. If you like to enjoy the evenings with your friends and listen to live music of different styles, this is the bar for you! See the location here.

Black Cat
This small, affordable bar is on the same street as Stevie Ray's. If you want to be with residents and meet new people, this is the place! Stay tuned for the Happy Hour, and when in doubt about what to order, the staff will indicate the best drinks according to your taste. Take the opportunity to challenge your friends in a foosball match or if you prefer, enjoy the small terrace and relax while you have a drink. See the location here.

Nox Club
This disco is known for its theme parties and electronic music. This bar is the place to be if you want to party until long hours of the morning. Follow the social networks of this bar, so that you are informed about the future events of the Nox Club. It's on the same street as the Black Cat bar, see the location here.

Amuras Bar
A little further away from the other bars is the Amuras Bar, located in Marina de Lagos. It is one of the most romantic places to share a cocktail. If you travel for two, this is the place where you should spend the end of the afternoon watching the sunset, quietly. It has a bold décor, ambient music and attentive and very professional staff. See the location here.

If you would like to get to know the nightspots in another city, please ask for the best ones at our reception.

The Lagos city is full of good nightlife options. These are our proposals for you to have fun in your next holidays. We look forward to hearing from you, about what you think.

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