Things to do in Lagos

Ideas and Suggestions of Places to Visit on Next Holidays in Lagos

Lagos is one of the many multicultural cities in the Algarve and a tourist transit point. The affluence is due to its historical beauty, friendly people and of course, its award-winning beaches. Follow this itinerary full of good ideas to visit during your holidays in Lagos.

City Markets

We believe that we can get to know the city through its people, its flavours and tastes, so nothing like visiting the markets in Lagos. It is in these buying and selling spaces that locals and tourists concentrate on the various market days. Discover the four markets in the city:

Santo Amaro Market
(6 minutes from Belmar Resort)

Do you recognize all the fishes and know the various ways to cook them? This fish market is for all the good connoisseurs of this delicacy that abounds in the Algarve sea. In the characteristic marble stalls of the old markets, you will also find seasonal fruit and frozen food.
Open Monday to Saturday, from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm.
See the location here.

Viv'o Mercado
(7 minutes from Belmar Resort)

Here the vegetables, legumes and fruits come directly from the vegetable gardens of small producers. They are all organic, and in every market, there are always the novelties of the season. You will find stalls dedicated to handicraft and "tasquinhas" with homemade beer and typical fruit liqueurs.
Open on Wednesdays from 4 pm to 8 pm.
See the location here.

Municipal Market of Avenida
(8 minutes from Belmar Resort)

It is the oldest market in Lagos, and its location is in a privileged area of the city. On the façade, there is the construction date of 1924. It ranges along with three floors, in the first one you will find the fish that has just left from the sea, in the second one the fruits, vegetables and other drinks shops and finally in the third one a restaurant with a wide view of the riverside area. In this market, the arts are also present in the works of Xana, a resident artist, and in the homage to the writer Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, with the poem inscribed "The path of the morning".
Open Monday to Saturday, from 7.00 am to 2.00 pm
See the location here.

Levante Market
(9 minutes from Belmar Resort)

In the Levante market, also known as Reforma Agrária, it is the vegetables, fruits and flowers that delight the early risers. Now provisionally located outdoors, while the main building undergoes renovation work, find a sea of colour in this market.
Open on Saturdays, from 6.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
See the new location here.

Historical Centre Tours
(6 minutes away from Belmar Resort)

Fall in love with the city and its stories as you aimlessly walk through the cobblestone streets of Portugal. Notice the details of each building and watch the calm movement of a multicultural city.

Churches of Lagos

Three churches can be visited either on the spiritual or architectural way of each one. The São Sebastião Church has a vast collection of sacred art and will be able to identify the date of 1612 on the façade. It can be visited from 5 pm to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 10 am to 11 am on Sunday.

The next church to be visited is the Santa Maria Church which its located is in the centre of Infante D. Henrique Square. It is a place of worship dating back to 1498, with two bell towers that cross the blue sky. It can be visited every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Finally, there is the Santo António Church the simple baroque moth façade deceives passers-by. Inside it, we find the richness of materials such as golden carvings, tiles and paintings. It can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm, closing on Monday.


The most visit place in Lagos is the Slave Market Museum, due to the represented history and its architecture. It is in this space that the visitor is presented with a perspective on the difficult and tragic history of slavery in Portugal. Paid entrance, and you can visit from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

The Centro Cultural de Lagos is where almost all the arts come together, with a diversified monthly cultural agenda. On the building façade, you can consult the panoply of monthly events such as concerts, workshops or exhibitions. You can also access all the events here. Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00h to 18.00h.

The Wax Museum of the Discoveries is the second of its kind in the country. It portrays the whole history of the Portuguese discoveries over the sea. Here are the facts of the virtuous navigator’s caravel voyages, with wax characters. It closes on Monday except in July and August. See the location here.

From April to June and in September open from 10.00h to 18.00h;
From June to August from 10.00h to 19.00h;
From October to March from 10.00h to 17.00h.

Lagos Riverfront
(10 minutes from Belmar Resort)
A walk along the riverfront is a must on your visit to Lagos. Watch the boats entering between the two piers, or make your morning run in one of the most beautiful places in town.

Marina of Lagos

It is a point of departure and arrival either by land or sea. Here thousands of people cross each other throughout the year and stop for a drink or a simple meal. The Marina of Lagos, built since 1994 is one of the city's icons for its architectural beauty and various commercial spaces. Next to the Marina there is a drawbridge, which gets up every time a boat wants to continue its journey. If you have children with you, take them to see the bridge, they will be radiant! See your location here.

Lagos is culturally rich because it is a city where several nationalities live. The history of Portugal merges here, with so many others from other European countries and the rest of the world. You will come out of your holidays much richer by knowing this city full of movement and colours.

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