7 days in Lagos: what to do?

Get to know the sights when you use Belmar Resort's 7-day itinerary and visit Lagos like a local with our tips.

Lagos is an ancient city with the sea in the horizon, endless stories in every cobbled street and energy in every square, beach or monument. Lagos is one of the most visited places in the Algarve, as it has bars, restaurants, famous beaches and activities for all tastes. Take a look at what you can visit in Lagos in this 7-day itinerary and find some more tips to have an even more enjoyable holiday.

Photo by Magda Ehlers – Pexels

Follow this 7 day Lagos itinerary and be delighted by the city's wonders. Relax, experience nature, take part in activities for the whole family and unwind on Lagos' most beautiful beaches. Check out what you can do on your next holiday at Belmar Spa & Beach Resort.

Day 1 in Lagos - Spa at the Belmar Resort
Commit the first day to the pleasure of stress relief with the hands of our therapists. Starting your holiday in a spa is perhaps the best way to guarantee you the rest you deserve after long periods of work and successive lockdowns during the pandemic. Now is the time to devote yourself to the pleasures of life, and to facilitate this, at Belmar Resort, you can book your spa treatment as soon as you make your reservation.
Opt for moments of pure relaxation with a massage that promises to restore lost energy (AromaSoul back massage), or experience the power of hot stones as a principle of drainage and detoxification (Hot Stones massage). And last but not least, you can take care of your facial skin with one of the treatments that best suit your skin type. In this article, you will learn more about the individual treatments offered at the Belmar Spa.

Day 2 in Lagos – Birdwatching
Although we are only a few kilometres from one of the most famous places for birdwatching (Sagres, where the Birdwatching Festival takes place), there is also a quiet place in Lagos where birds settle. This place is Paul de Lagos, which is 12 minutes away from the Belmar Spa & Beach Resort. Although there are not many underground lakes here anymore, the birds still live in the floodplain of the Bensafrim stream. If watching these species is your hobby, get your equipment ready on this 2nd day of your holiday and spend a quiet moment just a few minutes from the resort. Here you can observe land and water birds such as the Little Grebe, Little Egret, Little Ringed Plover, Dunlin and many other species.
Learn more about bird watching in the Algarve in this article.

Day 3 in Lagos - Lagos Zoo
A day among animals is a well-deserved day! Visit Lagos Zoo and have unique experiences such as watching kangaroo mothers carrying their chicks in their pouch or or witnessing the love of one of the most faithful species in the world, the penguins. Besides the animals already mentioned, there are many others, such as macaws, lemurs and the exotic lynxes. A day at the Lagos Zoo is an educational experience for the whole family. You can also visit Boulders Beach, a replica of the South African beach where a penguin family has lived for several years.
Outside the zoo grounds, you will find a typical Portuguese restaurant where you can listen to fado on Tuesday evenings. Always book your table in advance at the Cangalho restaurant.

Day 4 in Lagos - Urban Art Circuit
Although Lagos is a bustling city all year round, its historical and traditional identity characterises its streets and buildings. Yet, the historical landscape blends with the presence of urban art that brings life to the city's the most worn-out spaces. In Lagos, you can visit the urban art circuit promoted by the Laboratório de Artes Criativas (LAC). Artists from several countries, including Portugal, exhibit their work outdoors, enlivening creativity and art after spending time at the headquarters of LAC as part of the ARTURb initiative. LAC headquarters is a special space that was once the city's prison. Today, each cell is an artistic laboratory where some of the projects developed by the artists are conceived and put into practise. Find out more about the project and the exact location of some of these murals here.