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Discover the best activities for Father's Day at Belmar Resort. From skydiving to fishing, we have something for every dad. Book your stay today!

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Carefully prepare the next Father's Day celebration for the most important man in your life. Unlike other countries, such as the United Kingdom or the United States of America, this day in Portugal takes place on 19 March. If you haven't yet decided how to spoil your father in less than two weeks, here are some ideas on how to spend the day together: with adrenaline, food tasting, or even sports activities.


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1.   Fishing trips and tours to the caves on the Algarve coast

fishing trip on the Algarve coast is for parents who do not want to miss a weekend casting their rod into the sea. Not only will you have a great time aboard a boat, but you are also entitled to a fresh meal at the end of the day.

On a family tour, you can spend six hours on a boat, the first two dedicated to fishing. Followed by a cruise with lunch in the middle of the day, and finally, a visit to the caves.

If you prefer a quieter activity but with a surprise moment in between, book a dolphin-watching tour with your father.


2.   Skydiving or sightseeing flight

Skydiving offers incredible views of the landscapes, and in the Algarve, those landscapes include picturesque views of the sea, mountains and cities. If your father is an adventurous man, he will not be able to keep his mouth shut during this activity, and the best thing is that you can experience this adventure together.

baptism flight tour is the best option if extreme activities are not your father's thing. Choose from one of four tours: the historical tour, the beach tour, the nature tour, or the golf tour. You can also choose your favourite destination within each category, such as Benagil beach or the Costa Vicentina.


Photo by Marc Ruaix – Unsplash


3.   Race at the Autodromo

On Father's Day, provide a high-speed experience in high-performance cars such as the Honda Civic Type R, the Porsche Cayman 718S, or the AMG GT C at the Autódromo International do Algarve, one of Europe's best racetracks. This experience allows you to drive not one but three high-performance vehicles. The first lap is driven with an instructor from the AIA Racing School to familiarise yourself with the track. With only man and machine on the track, the following laps are pure adrenaline. Find out how to book this surprise for your dad here.

If you prefer a fun family activity, the Kartodromo is right next to the Algarve International Autodromo and has activities for the entire family. This is an activity that your father will remember for a long time, with everything from special karts for children to faster 270 cc karts.


4.   Wine tasting in the Algarve

If you are holidaying in the Algarve on Father's Day, you'll be lucky to have one of the best experiences. Algarve wine has been winning more and more awards and prizes at home and abroad. The unique characteristics of the Algarve's terroir give the wines great variety and even unique grape varieties such as Negra Mole. Wine tasting is not just about tasting different wines, but also about immersing yourself in the culture of this region, steeped in history. And finally, it is a moment to spend quality time with the family. Are you curious about the wines of the Algarve? Read this article and discover the nearest winery to Belmar.


5.   Zen moments for Father's Day

After some suggestions involving adrenaline, we leave your father the opportunity to experience an exclusive moment of relaxation and pure well-being. Not far from his apartment, at the Belmar Spa, to be precise, you can choose between massages with hot stones that release tension or a complete facial and body treatment. Exclusive treatments to improve not only the appearance but also the vitality of male skin are offered. See all treatments available and massages in our spa on our Wellness page.


6.   Home Chef

This is the most delightful activity on our list. Hire a chef to cook from your Belmar Resort apartment and enjoy a custom meal while relaxing with your dad. If you and your father are interested in cooking, you can both take the opportunity to watch a chef at work and even ask him questions about cooking. This experience allows you to enjoy the moment without having to worry about anything, and if you want to round off the meal, don't forget to have some Algarve wine to go with it.


Surprise your father on Father's Day and plan a weekend with a difference at the Belmar Resort. Spend quality time together doing some of the activities suggested here. If you need help planning, ask our reception for more information.

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