The 7 Best Surf Spots in the Algarve

Do you know the best surf spots in the Algarve? In this article, we show you the best spots you can't afford to miss!

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Although it is in the colder seasons that surfers seek out Portugal's beaches, all other seasons have their beauty, and it is in spring and summer that the surfing community gathers most on the beaches and in the cities and shares their knowledge. Good waves can be surfed in the summer too, but not having the crowds makes it more suitable for all levels of surf experience.

Having two different coastlines relatively near to each other which offer different conditions for different levels makes the Algarve one of the top surf destinations. This flexibility of conditions makes it impossible to get bored! At the same time you will get to know all the different quaint fisherman villages, taste all their unique sea inspired dishes, their beautiful views and last but not least feel the warmth of the locals welcome.

Porto de Mós
(2 minutes away from Belmar Resort)

It is one of the busiest surf spots in the Algarve and one of the best: only two minutes away from your resort! Its a tranquil beach, a great option if you intend to learn how to surf. It’s South facing but the swells are better when the north wind hits and it’s also common to have the offshore winds. In stormy days, marked by onshore winds it is also likely of getting some waves.
This laid-back beach has its sea bottom made of sand and some rocks which can appear when a storms hit hard and exposes the rock reef below. In the summer, it’s very popular with the tourists, so make sure you get there early, to avoid the crowds and have a more peaceful surf session.
In the winter, the sea belongs to the surfers who can enjoy the beauty of this beach. The far-right side of Porto de Mós hides a well-kept secret which is a perfect peak to catch the best waves, but a wet suit is a must to avoid getting scratched but more importantly not to freeze.
Porto de mós beach is only a ten minutes’ drive from the Lagos city center, and to end the day in great style the Belmar restaurant and bars are at your disposal with great food and drinks.
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Meia Praia
(10 minutes away from Belmar resort)

One of the longest stretches of sand in the whole Algarve, Meia praia is almost 5k long. It’s only a few minutes’ drive away from the Lagos city center and has some concessions with beach bars along the beach, like Linda Bar or Bahia Bar, perfect place to end the day surrounded by friends with an ocean view. The sea is predominantly calm throughout the year, but as the beach is Southwest facing, one favorable wind is enough to create the best surf conditions. Most commonly, the surfers in Meia praia tend to be beginners or intermediate.
Meia praia is the ideal spot to try surf out and you will find many surf schools around which is a good indicator to grab a surfboard and start paddling. It has a vast area for free parking which takes you to the beach through the existent wooden pathways.
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Praia do Zavial
(30 minutes away from Belmar resort)

Zavial has a natural beauty worthy of being discovered, with its surrounding rocky formations and a wooden pathway that takes you to the sand. This beach also faces south and gets crowded in the summer, which is when people gather mainly in the eastern part. For surf lovers, all magic happens in the opposite side, but the waves are better in the off season. Beginners can have the luck of surfing some waves in the summer, but the real swell takes place in wintertime, influenced by the north winds, with waves that can reach the 2.5 meters.
Bordeira beach
(34 minutes away from Belmar Resort)
Bordeira beach is a stretch of sand 3 kilometers long. Being free of rocks in its rear makes it prone to the maritime winds which makes this a favorable surf spot in the Algarve. The wooden pathways in this area make it possible for visitors to admire the stunning views, access to the beach and check the surf conditions.
Having a surf session in Bordeira is almost always a good time and the waves can suit all levels of surfers. The waves can be 60cms to 4 meters high depending on the conditions so suitable for true beginners all the way to advanced. Bordeira is north facing and because of being a long stretch of sand makes it possible to catch waves in the summer without being crowded by swimmers. The far-left side of the beach has a surf peak only suiting professionals as its close to a rocky cliff and tends to have a strong current.
Carrapateira is a two minutes’ drive away from the beach, and it’s where you can find the supermarkets and restaurants.
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Beliche beach
(36 minutes away from belmar resort)

The type of waves at Beliche are famous within the local surf community. The surf is more suitable for advanced levels than beginners but even so it’s always worth a visit regardless of level. The dramatic beauty and allure of this beach is due to being well placed in the bay surrounded by the point of Sagres and the Cape Saint Vincent. The only access to the beach is a long stairway which may be a challenge when coming up with your surfboards.
Beliche is southwest facing which is why the swells are rare but when they occur the sea is filled with the eager surfers looking to test themselves. The bottom has a mix of sand and flat rocks and isn’t so shallow but when the waves do come they break short and powerful.
Beliche has a beach bar at your disposal but it only opens in the summer. On top of the beach, before going down the stairway, there are restaurants for complete meals. Sagres centre is only a 5 minutes’ drive away from this beach.
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Amado beach
(39 minutes from Belmar resort)

Amado is one of the most sought-after beaches by local and foreign surfers. It’s width and its natural beauty are awe inspiring, known by the colors from the three valleys that sit just behind the beach. The access to the beach is done through wooden walkways that also take you to different viewpoints or eventually to the neighboring beach Bordeira. This route is in the northern side and allows you to admire the natural landscapes typical of the west coast.
The waves are diverse and versatile and are available all year around, even during the summer. For that reason, all levels of experiences can be seen in the water and surf schools are around. The sand banks can influence the quality of the waves, but the rule is to have shorter waves. There are some areas where the bottom has lots of rocks, so it’s recommended to ask for tips to the local surf school.
Amado is only a few minutes away from Carrapateira and lots of Cafes can be found as the perfect opportunity to relax after a day surfing. The restaurant “Sítio do Forno” is a must-go on the top of the cliff and ten minutes’ walk away from the beach. Sit, enjoy the inspiring breeze and the delicious food.
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Arrifana beach
(40 minutes away from Belmar Resort)

Arrifana is a nautical sports heaven and lies in a spectacular bay which has the shape of a shell when seen from above. It is also known for having the best barnacles in the whole of the Algarve. Before jumping into the water, walk to the northern cliff, close to the ruins and get a panoramic view over the beach. Truly jaw dropping!
The bottom is sandy which is good for beginners. The beach is west facing and it is protected by the north wind so it always gets solid, consistent waves. As it is a very suitable beach for surf it has a lot of beach lovers and surfers which can be seen as its major drawback especially in peak touristic season.
Only a few meters away from the beach there is a restaurant with fantastic dishes and a terrace facing the sea. There is a surf shop where surf equipment can be
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