Visit the Wineries in the Algarve

Discover the secrets of wine in the Algarve and enjoy the activities in the wineries of the Algarve region.

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Drinking wine is an experience, and it is no coincidence that it is appreciated all over the world. From the experienced wine lover who knows everything about grape varieties, temperature or even the right way to pour the wine into the glass, to the curious person who simply likes to try new flavours. Wine is in the top ten most consumed drinks worldwide, and in Portugal, it is the drink of choice with meals. Do you know the wine of the Algarve and the wineries closest to Belmar Spa & Beach Resort? 

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Wine etiquette

Anyone who loves wine knows that taste is everything and that there are rules that must be followed so as not to compromise the flavour of each note. Before exploring the Algarve wineries, get to know a few rules and set off with more knowledge for a fruitful tasting of Algarve wines.

The glasses make all the difference:

When savouring wine, a decent glass makes all the difference. To appreciate this drink, you should be discriminating and serve the wines in appropriate glasses. The size, shape, and stem of the wine glasses are all carefully considered in the design.

The intricacy and strength of the smells perceived differ from glass to glass. Begin by selecting the most basic glass: the shade of the glass should be transparent, allowing you to see the colour of the wine, and the glass should be thin. In terms of substance, crystal glass is preferable to glass since it is thinner and porous. When you swirl the wine in a crystal glass, the molecules are forced against the glass's wall, allowing you to better concentrate on the smells.

Pay attention to what the wines require in terms of glassware. Red wine, for example, requires breathing space due to its powerful scents and flavours. On the other hand, white wine looks especially good in tulip-shaped glasses. They resemble red wine glasses but are leaner and smaller. Rosé wine, like white wine, is served in comparable glasses but with a wider body. Fortified wines, such as Port wine, Setúbal muscatel, or Madeira wine, should be served in tiny quantities, so the glasses should be small but with a body identical to the other glasses.

The wine-growing regions in Portugal

Portugal is divided into 14 wine-growing zones and each wine has different characteristics from the others. The regions, including the autonomous region of Madeira and the Azores, correspond to the fourth-largest wine-growing area in Europe, where 343 different grape varieties are grown, all of which are used for wine production.

This number can be divided into 149 white wine grape varieties and 194 red wine grape varieties. Two hundred and fifty grape types are autochthonous, which means they are native to this lovely land. Alvarinho, Touriga Nacional, and Alfrocheiro stand out among these native grape types.

There are acronyms in Portugal that designate the provenance of the wines. The IG (Geographical Indication), DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin), and table wines do not receive these labels.

Perfis do vinho

Wine profiles

Portugal's various wine regions create the best wines, which are recognised all over the world. Each has distinct characteristics and is classified into three types: Atlantic, Mountainous or Continental, and Mediterranean or Plain. The terroir, as well as its qualities such as soil and temperature, distinguishes them.

The Mediterranean or plain terroir profile: mild environment with occasional watering required, where grapes ripen quickly. The soil is calcareous and clayey. This is where you can find Algarve wines.

Atlantic terroir profile: Cool winds, mild and humid temperatures, and considerable cloudiness characterise the Atlantic terroir. The land is sandy and fertile, although the grapes are less ripe.

Mountain or continental terroir profile: the soil is granite and slate, typically in a river valley. The environment is hot and humid, with low to moderate rainfall.

Wine cellars in the Algarve 

The beautiful sides of life should be enjoyed and especially on holiday, new experiences are savoured with a different energy. Enjoy your days in the Algarve and discover the best wineries and their wine tastings.

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Monte da Casteleja

At Monte da Casteleja, old-fashioned wine production is the premise of this family, who have continued their grandfather's dream of producing wine of unquestionable quality. Since 2002, the grapes have been hand-selected and hand-cut and vinified as we imagine them to be, using only the strength and cooperation of a team, without resorting to machinery.

In addition to maintaining old techniques, the wine stands out for its organic cultivation in a special terroir with a clay-limestone soil, where the water from the winter rains is stored to water the vines in the summer.

Visit the shop and do a wine tasting at Monte da Casteleja. To book a wine tasting, simply visit the website, book and enjoy this organic wine from the Algarve.

Opening hours: Re-opening in spring 2022.
Distance from Belmar Spa & Beach Resort: 13 minutos

Villa Alvor

The former Quinta do Morgado da Torre, now Villa Alvor, lies between the Alvor estuary and the Monchique mountains. This 80-hectare estate produces another beautiful Algarve wine in red, rosé and white varieties. The balanced clay-limestone soils and cool microclimate give the grapes all the characteristics of the terroir of Provence.

One of the wine lines offers the opportunity to taste native grape varieties of the Algarve. Another series pays tribute to the heritage of wine culture in the Algarve left by the Romans. The mosaics of these people are depicted on the labels. The range of this wine consists of red, white and rosé varieties.

Book a wine tasting at Villa Alvor by appointment: [email protected]

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday. From April to September:9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. From October to March from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm.
Distance from Belmar Spa & Beach Resort: 20 minutos

Quinta do Francês

Another winery with quality wine, made possible by the climate and soil of the Algarve. This time it is a winery near the town of Silves with 8 hectares. It is a family-run winery with unique landscapes on the Odelouca stream.

The geographical location of the vineyards benefits from the sun and the typical clay and limestone soil. This fusion of qualities gives rise to the Trincadeira, Aragonês, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grape varieties, which have already earned this winery a few prizes and international recognition.

Visit this winery also for the wine explanations, the history and learn about all the processes that lead to this award-winning wine from Quinta do Francês.

Opening hours: Open from March to November from Monday to Friday, closed at weekends. From November to March open from Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays. Visits from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm.
Distance from Belmar Spa & Beach Resort: 29 minutos

Quinta dos Vales

In this winery, you will notice the passion for two areas, art and, of course, wine. The vineyards and gardens are full of colourful sculptures and it is for this very reason that the visit becomes something more than a simple wine tasting. This farm has been named one of the best in the Algarve region and has been open since 2007. It is a family project of father and son with the same passion and unique ambition to produce quality wine and not quantity.

As part of the experiences offered at Quinta dos Vales, you can book various wine tastings. If you decide at the last minute to try these wines, just drop by, taste and stroll through the gardens. There are also other options where an oenologist's explanations are integrated into the tasting.

The grapes come from a 44-hectare vineyard with an equally loamy, chalky soil that forces the vines to pierce the soil in search of water, becoming resistant and yield excellent fruit.

Opening hours: open all year round from Monday to Friday.
Distance from Belmar Spa & Beach Resort: 31 minutos

Quinta do Barranco Longo

This farm produces one of the most famous wines in the Algarve. It is located in the heart of the region, in Algoz, which belongs to the municipality of Silves. The producer has selected national and international grape varieties that thrive under the pure Mediterranean climate. The grapes are harvested by hand, but state-of-the-art technology is used in the winery, equipment and processes.

Barranco Longo has a story of over 20 years of producing quality wine from its 120 hectares of vineyards. In the next few years, the producer plans to open its tasting room and offer farm tours but for now, it is not possible to taste this wine at the winery. You can find this Algarve brand in many restaurants, gourmet shops and speciality shops.