Michelin Star Restaurants in the Algarve 2024

Discover the Michelin Star Restaurants in the Algarve in 2024 and enjoy an exceptional gastronomic experience.

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There's time to relax, connect with nature, or hit the beach in the Algarve. Then, there's always room to indulge in life's pleasures, like sitting at the table for hours and enjoying a divine meal. If you prefer to spend your holidays this way, prepare your appetite, as we'll embark on a gastronomic journey through the best and most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants in the Algarve, recommended by the world's most famous gastronomic guide.

Before making a reservation, get to know all the restaurant details. While they differ, they all have something in common: everyone who visits leaves with a smile on their face.


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The Algarve has the honour of boasting, across a few kilometres, from the western to the eastern Algarve, 7 restaurants distinguished by the famous Michelin Guide Stars. In a delightful journey through the flavours of haute cuisine, discover what makes these restaurants so enticing just by hearing about them.

Michelin-starred restaurants in the western Algarve:

Al Sud - 1 Michelin Star

Just six months after its opening, Al Sud restaurant was awarded the prestigious Michelin Star, which it retained in 2024. In the kitchen is Louis Anjos, an experienced chef accustomed to the ratings of the most famous gastronomic guide ever. Get ready to enjoy a selection of regional products at the table, focusing on Algarve fish and seafood. Savour a unique moment with the 8-course menu (€175) and wine pairing (€95).

This Michelin-starred restaurant is in Lagos, at Palmares Ocean Living & Golf.



Vista - 1 Michelin Star

Under the guidance of Chef João Oliveira, Vista delivers wonderful combinations of Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine, where the original flavours of the ingredients and freshness are always respected. With a constant commitment to sustainability, this restaurant stands out for its coastal fish and regional products.

 There are two available menus, both featuring ten gastronomic moments. The Terra Menu (€175) focuses on local produce, ideal for vegetarians. Meanwhile, the Vista Menu (€200) highlights fish and seafood. Both menus showcase the best of Algarve products and can be paired with wines (€110). There's also an option for a cheese supplement (€20).

The Vista restaurant overlooks Praia da Rocha and is located within the Bela Vista hotel.



Bon Bon - 1 Michelin Star

In 2021, Chef José Lopes made history at this legendary restaurant in the Algarve, maintaining its Michelin Star for several years. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, offering a vegetarian menu during both periods. Enjoy four courses (€125) with wine pairing (€75) for lunch. For dinner, indulge in the six-course menu (€165) or the nine-course menu (€175), each with its wine pairing (€95 and €105, respectively).

Bon Bon restaurant is located inCarvoeiro.



Vila Joya - 2 Michelin Stars

Located alongside the cliffs of Praia da Falésia in Albufeira, overlooking the sea, is the restaurant Vila Joya, renowned for its signature cuisine. Leading the restaurant is Austrian chef Dieter Koschina, a master in the culinary arts, who changes the menu daily. Visitors to Vila Joya can expect to be delighted with a 4-course gastronomic menu (€250), always unique. Fresh seafood from our coast is central, used whenever the supplier delivers fresh fish for one of the four courses.

Discover the location of thisrestaurant.



Ocean -2 Michelin Stars

The restaurant Ocean proudly retains its two Michelin Stars. In the kitchen helm is the seasoned Chef Hans Neuner, renowned for crafting an innovative menu. The "Expedição pela Ásia" menu (€275), personally curated by Chef Neuner, showcases gastronomic experiences that seamlessly blend Asian influences with Portuguese cuisine. Additionally, guests can opt for a wine pairing recommendation (€175) or explore premium wine selections (€360).

This is the location of the second restaurant with two Michelin Star in the Algarve.


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Michelin-starred restaurants in the eastern Algarve:


A VerTavira - 1 Michelin Star

The balcony of this restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy the tasting menus created by Chef Luís Brito. As the name suggests, you can admire the entire city of Tavira from there, including the castle next to the restaurant. On the menu, there are two tasting menus for dinner: the "Viagem do Sabor" (€170) with seven courses and the "Entre Momentos" with five courses (€145) or three courses (€85). There's also an option for vegetarians, the "Época Menu" (€155).

You can find the exact location of the A Ver Tavira restaurant here.



Gusto By Heinz Beck - 1 Michelin Star

This restaurant is in the Hotel Conrad Algarve and features a magnificent bar, an elegant dining room, and a terrace that enhances the dining experience. The kitchen is led by Chef Heinz Beck, who has brought a Michelin star to this fine dining restaurant. He previously earned two Michelin stars while heading two other projects, showcasing his skill and expertise. The tasting menus range from 9 to 7 courses (€180 and €165, respectively), including wine pairings for each menu. In addition to the tasting menus, there is an à la carte option with dishes to satisfy any discerning palate.

This Michelin-starred restaurant is in Almancil.



Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurants in the Algarve:

The Michelin Guide highlights two recommended restaurants that are worth a visit. The first, Numa restaurant, is in the city centre of Portimão. The second, Noélia restaurant, is situated in Cabanas de Tavira and is renowned as a haven for top chefs. It features a menu that showcases the flavours of the Algarve.


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